Producer: DJ Premier
Album: Life After Death
Label: Bad Boy

Biggie had been in this game for years, so it was only right for him to share some tricks of the trade. This song was a step-by-step manual of rules for dealers seeking a long-lasting and fruitful career in the crack game ("get your game on track, not your wig pushed back.").

Rules such as not mixing blood and money and never getting high on your own supply were beat into the heads of countless would-be students.

With such brazen subject matter, it's no surprise the song proved to be controversial. Shortly after the track dropped, Public Enemy's Chuck D, whose voice was sampled by DJ Premier for the countdown, sued for copyright infringement.

The parties settled out of court for a sizeable sum in 1998. Apparently Chuck didn't like his voice being associated with crack, as he'd always had a strong anti-drug stance (see “Night of the Living Baseheads”).