Producer: Easy Mo Bee / Eminem
Album: One Million Strong / Tupac: Resurrection OST
Label: Amaru / Amaru

Originally recorded for 2Pac's Thug Life side-project, “Runnin' From Tha Police” was cut by Interscope due to heavy criticism of gangsta rap and anti-law enforcement sentiment at the time. The track was to find a second life on Pac's Me Against The World album a year later, but after his 1994 shooting, Pac's relationship with Biggie Smalls changed drastically.

2Pac and the Notorious B.I.G.'s only real studio collaboration would later land on the obscure One Million Strong compilation, and largely fly under the radar, despite the well-publicized beef between the two rappers.

In 2003, the track was resuscitated one more time, when Biggie and Pac's verses were spliced together with interviews over a shiny new Eminem beat for “Runnin (Dying To Live).” Eminem's remake was a good way to stir up interest for Pac's Resurrection documentary, cracking the Top 20 on Billboard, pushing the soundtrack to Platinum. Nine years later it still stirs up feelings of loss.