Producer: Norman & Digga, The Bluez Brothers
Album: Ready To Die
Label: Bad Boy

Sure Biggie had glossy singles, but the meat and potatoes of the album was a grimy affair. Biggie was fresh off the block, and could still relate to the plight of the street-level hustler. He was yet to hit don status, so he dealt with the everyday struggle of the hand-to-hand supplier. But this wasn't a life Chris Wallace enjoyed living. "Sometimes," he rapped, "I hear death knocking at my front door."

“Everyday Struggle” tells the tale of a low-level drug dealer traveling the country attempting to make it in the criminal underworld. Sure the story was intriguing, but it was Big's dizzying wordplay and layered bars that made it classic: “I heard Tech got murdered, in a town I never heard of/By some bitch named Alberta, over nickel-plated burners.”