Producer: Bink!
Album: The Blueprint
Label: Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam

As Jay closed out his seminal album, The Blueprint, he took a stroll down memory lane, discussing every era of his life: childhood, serving on the block, searching for a deal, finding a deal and later success ("Reasonable Doubt, classic, should've went triple").

He also took a moment to shout out friends, former friends, accomplices, family members and business partners. While most of the names are familiar to Jay fans, there are others that are only known to Shawn Carter—before the glamour and glitz. Oh and Bleek, we're still waiting on that one hit. More than any other part of the album, this really sounded like Jay was saying goodbye. But we now know he was simply him paying homage to those who helped him become the successful man he was.