Producer: Swizz Beatz
Album: Vol. 2...Hard Knock Life
Label: Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam

Sex, murder, and mayhem: Romance for the street. By 1998, DMX and Jay-Z had filled the gaps left by 2Pac and Biggie and become hip-hop's hottest commodities. Plus, they were the two biggest stars on the newly invigorated Def Jam Records. So it was only right Jay and X took it back to the days of their legendary battle in the Bronx and linked with a then-19-year-old Swizz Beatz to discuss life's three most important necessities: Money, cash, and hoes (Are we the only ones who noticed that money and cash are the same thing?).

Besides X's ad-libs, the most mesmerizing part of the song was Swizz's descending keyboard which he recently revealed to us started off as a joke but then became the foundation for the song. We may have scoffed at the idea of Jigga being a best-selling author in '98 but when he went and dropped Decoded on us, he proved us wrong.