Producer: Timbaland
Album: The Understanding
Label: Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam/Get Low

A very rough version of “Is That Yo Bitch” landed on the bootleg of Jay-Z's Vol. 3 album. (What up Un?) But it failed to make the final cut after the leak heard 'round the world. The track was shelved, then reworked and repurposed as a single from Memphis Bleek's album, The Understanding, which was released a year later. But that's not the end of the story.

The controversy lay within Jay's verses, which were allegedly directed towards Nas and his baby's mother, Carmen Bryan. Rumors swirled that Jay was carrying on a love affair with Carmen, and Jay didn't do much to dispel the talk when he spewed: “Gradually, I'm taking over your bitch/Cumming over your shit/Got my feet up on your sofas, man.”

But Jay's second verse was even more disrespectful: “She keep beggin' me to hit it raw/So she can have my kid and say it was yours/How foul is she?/And you wifed her/Shit, I put the rubber on tighter.” It was a surprise to no one when the Jay and Nas feud erupted publicly months later. These were fighting words. But somehow they managed to work through their issues like grown men.