Producer: Don Cannon
Album: n/a
Label: Corporate Thugz/Def Jam

Guess who's bizzack? During Jay's short-lived retirement, he stepped from behind the Def Jam desk to aid and assist their label's rising star, Young Jeezy, on this insanely popular single, “Go Crazy.”

At the time, Jay caught flack for stunting too recklessly on the track (you're rich, you're important, you're powerful—we get it!) But you couldn't help but enjoy the Jiggaman as he crossed off his “I invented swag” checklist. Ever the trendsetter, he was popping bottles of Cristal on speedboats while Puffy was still sipping Moet in a hot tub.

Even more to the point, Jay was itching to get back to the mic after watching a new crop of emcees rise to the forefront of hip-hop. Hov had to drop in, just to let 'em know who was still in charge. Follow the leader.