Producer: Ski
Album: Reasonable Doubt
Label: Roc-A-Fella/Priority

Jay kept his Big Willie persona intact on “Feelin It,” the fourth single from Reasonable Doubt. While many of the records on Jay's debut were dark and introspective, “Feelin' It” felt like a vacation from the Marcy Projects—even if it was just temporary. Jay took us to a place where custom suits and expensive champagne were mandatory and although it wasn't sunny, Jiggy Jigga wasn't complaining.

The song's producer, Ski aka Ski Beatz, had his fingerprints are all over Reasonable Doubt. At the time, Ski was also working with a duo from the BX by the name of Camp Lo, who were promised the beat for “Feelin' It.” But even as a newcomer, what Jay wanted, Jay got. Camp Lo fell back and Jay kept the instrumental for his album. Which is a good thing, because “Feelin' It” helped propel Jay's image as a jet-setting, bottle-popping playboy.