Producer: DJ Premier
Album: Reasonable Doubt
Label: Roc-A-Fella/Priority

On this track Jay's so caught up in the criminal underworld that it's got him praying—not to God, but to Gotti. Years before Jay would be accused of being a devil-worshipping grand wizard of the Illuminati, he was promising to sell his soul for life's riches. “D'Evils” was rich with secret society undertones—enhanced by Preemo's choice of scratched vocals—and showed us Jay's fascination with the dark side.

Claiming his soul was possessed with the hunger for fancy cars and shiny jewelry, Jay says he's willing to attain these things by any means. He would go on to make his wishes come true, hopefully appeasing his inner demons. What can we say? The taste of dollars are shitty, so get some $50s.