Producer: The Neptunes
Album: American Gangster
Label: Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam

The combination of Hova and the Imperial Skateboard P has proved successful time and time again. No matter what sort of song—whether it be a ballad or a banger—these two have a tried-and-true chemistry. So it was no surprise P was tapped to handle the first single from Jay's concept album, American Gangster.

The track was named after the potent brand of heroin that Frank Lucas sold in the 1970s. Leave it up to Jay to infiltrate the pop charts with a track named after an illegal drug that caused death and destruction to thousands (but hey, it was a brand name!).

The track was pure audio dope, seamlessly integrating samples from En Vogue's “Hold On,” Ghostbusters, and Frankenstein. Jay even brought the '80s back by borrowing a flow from Rakim and name-checking Oliver North and the Iran-Contra scandal.