Producer: Zaytoven
Album: Trap House
Label: Big Cat Records

Where it all began: In 2005, with this infectious summer jam. Gucci's career. Jeezy's career. And the drama between the two that would ultimately result in an attempt on Gucci's life. At the time, it was Jeezy's biggest record, and he wanted it for his debut album. Gucci didn't. Initially, it was hard to see why; Jeezy was poised to be the next major hip-hop star, and Gucci's verse—fairly straightforward and unexceptional—wasn't much to hang a career on. Gucci's faith in himself would be rewarded, though, as "Icy" was and still is a surprisingly effective single to this day. That's saying something, as Gucci's style at this point had a blankness that makes all of his subsequent moves all the more surprising.

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