Producer: Drumma Boy
Album: The Movie Part 2 (Gangsta Grillz The Sequel)
Label: 1017 Brick Squad, Warner Bros.

"Echk! It's so sickenin', history you're witnessin'."

"Beat it Up" first appeared on Gucci's The Move Part 2, a tape that didn't blow up when it dropped. But an only slighty-deeper look at the Part 2 easily gives up some of the rapper's best work, like this song.

"Beat it Up" was a monster. Released in the lead-up to Ready—Trey Songz's first platinum album—the song got slept-on by Gucci's label (and, of course, rap critics). "Beat it Up" bubbled slowly for months, garnering spins here and there, and then, rapidly becoming a fan favorite. For much of his career, Gucci was willing to grant as much attention to his lyrics on songs "for the ladies" as he did his more street-oriented tracks; remember that two of his biggest guest spots ("Obsessed" with Mariah Carey and "Break Up" for Mario) were R&B tracks.

But here, Gucci absolutely steals the show on "Beat it Up" from Trey, nothing more than a hook man on the track. Gucci's wordplay is downright joyful, with knockout punchlines and syllables bouncing off each other. He kicks off with an allusion to Soulja Boy's recent hit, but quickly switches up the lyrics: "Hopped up out my bed, turned my swag on / scrambled eggs, filet mignon / two g's blown just for cologne." The second verse has a few memorable lines about how he and your girl will have your blankets at the laundromat, but the third verse brings the house down: "Freakin' partner prob'ly never bother with a second option / hoppin' got the mattress poppin' rockin' while her girlfriend watchin" was the line so nice, he had to say it twice.