Producer: Shawty Redd
Album: Trap House
Label: Big Cat Records

Now considered a cult classic, Gucci's Trap House LP was initially greeted by modest enthusiasm. But part of what makes it easy to appreciate is how the rapper evolved. While his later releases would be more ambitious, more lyrical, weirder and more infused with autobiographical details, Trap House was the hard coal core at the gangster heart of Gucci's success. The title track, produced by Shawty Redd, has a strange beat that manages to split the difference between space-age futurism and stone-age relic, a beat constructed using some blend of synthesizer and banging rocks together. Some of the flecks of eccentricity that he would later embrace show flashes here, primarily in his metaphors: "Money long like Shaq's feet," "I stay high like giraffe pussy."