Producer: Born
Album: Chicken Talk
Label: So Icey Ent.

Mastered—intentionally or not—to sound like it was booming from a rumbling trunk speaker, "Swing My Door" remains one of Gucci's rawest, most unnerving songs. Opening with a play on Frank Ski's Baltimore club classic "There's Some Whores in this House," Gucci raps about preparing and selling drugs with alarming transparency, in the great traditions of NWA's "Dopeman" and Master P's "Ghetto D": "I'm a gold-mouth dog, definition of the South/Ain't no quarters, ain't no halves, just some wholes in this house." If the DNA for Gucci's entire career existed on Chicken Talk, "Swing My Door" was his apex of street cred and lyrical imagination. His drug prices aren't just low, they'll "make your eyes pop out." He doesn't just have junkies lining up for product, he gets his rims "finger-fucked by a gott-damn J." And then, of course, his unparalleled ruthlessness: "Nigga violate? Imma kill him and slit his throat/Smoke a blunt of dro and then take my ho to Pappadeaux's."