Producer: Drumma Boy
Album: The Burrprint: The Movie 3-D
Label: So Icey Ent.

While not one of the producers most closely associated with Gucci—likely due to the diverse range of rappers he's worked with—Drumma Boy has managed to make some of the rapper's most impactful tracks. "My Shadow" was a track from The BurrrPrint: The Movie 3D which never received a single treatment, was never released on a label, but quickly became a fan favorite. A large part of this is due to the production, some of the most adventurous and singular ever released by Drumma; with the sound of an engine motoring by, background quarter note chorale, intricate drum programming, and atonal bleeps that seem to fall at a rhythm independent of the overall beat, the track had a frenetic feeling, as if the listener were slowly losing control. Best of all was the chorus, which implied a kind of ominous, existential terror: "I walk around the city like it don't matter/The earth might turn, nobody try me 'cuz they know better."