Producer: Fatboi
Album: Writing On The Wall
Label: So Icey Ent.

"Gucci got a warrent, how the fuck I get subpeonad?/'Objection!' 'What's the objection?' 'Your honor I'm a genius!'" Spring 2009: Gucci is released from jail. The media hype is in full swing. "Hurry" is the opening assault, a torrent of raps that found the rapper in a joyous mood: Over a merry-go-round Fatboi beat, Gucci hit the track running with a borderline-unhinged flow. "It's me and my money and my diamonds, we a trio!" And dense with references, too; "Like Lil Scrappy rockin' FILAs in the club "Sho Nuff" like Tela."