Producer: Shawty Redd
Album: The State vs. Radric Davis
Label: 1017 Brick Squad, Aslyum, Warner Bros.

With churning production courtesy Shawty Redd, "Heavy" took the role of the carnivalesque opening banger—think "Hurry" or "Dope Boys"—for Gucci's adjustment from the tapes to the majors on The State vs. Radric Davis. "Heavy" is also one of Gucci's major concept tracks: take a single word and build an entire song around it by adapting his usual lyrical framework to the fresh concept. (He's no longer just cocky; his ego is so big that it has actually attained mass. His head's so big it's gained weight. His chains aren't just valuable, they're heavy.) Add to this with his typically inventive wordplay and his second tossed-off dismissal of poor Brisco (after "Dope Boys"). The best part of "Heavy" was more what it represented for his debut record; the approach of his mixtapes was being adapted to the major label system, at least in part, and fans breathed a sigh of relief after the trauma that was Usher feature "Spotlight."