Producer: Drumma Boy
Album: Gangsta Grillz : The Movie
Label: So Icey Ent.

In the lead-up to The Movie, Gucci had an incredible dense release schedule, dropping mixtapes that worked like albums while his old label Big Cat released records without his permission, and battling his own label, Atlantic, for creative control over his releases. The music flooded the market, but the audience's thirst wasn't quenched. Just as his street buzz was reaching phenomenal levels, he released The Movie, which found his manic creativity hitting a new plateau.

"Gangsta Movie," the intro from that record and his favorite track, set a new cinematic direction and a bigger budget; Drumma Boy's beats were smoother than the lo-def trap beats he'd worked with in the Trap House/Chicken Talk era, and had a less eccentric approach than Zaytoven's production on Gucci Sosa and EA Sportscenter. But "Gangsta Movie" didn't shy away from any of the rougher content that had defined his sound to that point; instead, it embraced his past ("Gangsta grills, you pussy nigga, back on my drug dealer shit,") the unflinching violence and potent imagery ("I bust a brick, it look just like the inside of a coconut") that defined underground hits like "Cuttin Off Fingaz."