Producer: Drumma Boy
Album: Burrrprint (2) HD
Label: 1017 Brick Squad, Warner Bros.

With an ominous slow-mo beat from Drumma Boy, "Everybody Lookin'" was a victory for idiosyncratic-pop Gucci over lyrical Gucci, to the song's great benefit. It wasn't the first time he'd used the nose-growing like Pinocchio line (think Mariah's "Obsessed," among others), but this song wasn't about being first; it was about being on top. "Everybody Lookin'" is a song about dominance, largess, and power, the pure intoxication of control and confidence in song. It's not lyrical because effort is the wheelhouse of lesser rappers. This was also a track where the video was as much a part of the song's all-encompassing whirlwind of arrogance as the music, as Gucci rolls down the street in a blue lamborghini with matching blue jewelry and matching blue Air Max '95s, the doors open and his legs kicked out of the car, no seat belt, the high wire act of recklessness the source of his undeniable charisma.