Gucci Mane has emerged as one of the most divisive rappers of the past few years. Like everyone, he has his haters. They haven't stopped him from becoming one of the most productive, prolific rappers of the last few years either, having releasing hundreds upon hundreds of songs in his relatively young career. His method? Per the name of one of his most celebrated mixtapes: No Pad, No Pencil, an improvisational approach driven by his fanbase's nonstop thirst for new material. 

Because he's dropped so much, in so little time, the variety of the Atlanta born rapper's catalog doesn't get its fair due. From his beginnings in the era of album Trap House to the aesthetic that coalesced on Chicken Talk, to his distinctive "country" vocal style, to the creative evolution of his frequent collaborators (Zaytoven, Fatboi, Drumma Boy), Gucci's lived several rappers careers' and then some, and yet, he's still going strong. As evidenced: Tuesday night, Gucci dropped Trap God 2, his 33rd—yes, 33rd—independent release in eight years, on his 33rd birthday no less.

While he hasn't hit the level of crossover interest that he did in '09, Gucci's post-Appeal work has started to see the acclaim stack up again; history's shown it wouldn't be smart to count him out early. Yet, while that period of his catalog is too new to be properly canonized (for the moment), Radric Davis's greatest tracks—from the start of his career through 2010—are the result of an improbable star's hard work. It's a trajectory that yielded one of rap music's most controversial and unexpectedly brilliant catalogs, which is to say nothing of the most prime cuts from it. 

These are The 50 Best Gucci Mane Songs. BURRR!

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Written by David Drake (@SoManyShrimp)