Producer: Chucky Thompson, Mario Winans
Album: Born Again
Label: Bad Boy
If you can separate Marshall Mathers from Slim Shady, then the case can be made that the late, great Notorious B.I.G. was a different entity than the monster Biggie Smalls, who, lest we forget, beasted on the scene early on with jaw-dropping threats and snaps. Some of his most shocking words are on full display on this posthumous track, a remix of the original Easy Mo Bee version, that surfaced on Mister Cee's 10th anniversary edition of his amazing The Best Of Notorious B.I.G. mixtape. In case you needed any convincing, this is a perfect example that early Big and Em had quite a lot in common when it came to out-there, in-your-grill lyrical content (not to mention this is also an extremely rare instance where somebody out-grosses Em on the same cut). The brothers from another mother tear shit up amidst the urgent hi-hat rhythm and symphonic bursts and can give two shits about anyone they offend. Em's verse begins with devil worship and ends with murder—sounds about right for a collabo between two of the illest to ever do it.