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Damn, this begs for a proper release. Even on a lo-fi, fifth-generation copy that sounds like it was recorded in the Hudson River, there is no mistaking quality when you hear it. New Jerusalem's Outsidaz click were some of the first artists outside Michigan to give Eminem props (he obviously appreciated the recognition, having shouted them out on various records). No slouches themselves on the microphone, the extra-large crew, led by Pace Won and Young Zee, should have blown up themselves. On this turtle-paced, Wu-ish-flavored adventure, the gang brings odd deliveries and treasure trunks full of jewelz. Pre-famous Eminem's guest spot blends in without a hitch, signs of his trademark provocative vocab already in effect, talkin' about puttin' foots up lesbians' crotches and "spitting blood like Kiss' lead guitarist." Even after all these years, a second act from Slim and the Outsidaz would be more than welcome.