Producer: DJ Spinna, Skam2?
Album: "3hree6ix5ive" 12" single
Label: Beyond Real Recordings
Recorded under the moniker Old World Disorder, this rare duet with rapper Skam is Stan's favorite Eminem joint. (Well, at least that little psycho had taste.) "3hree6ix5ive" samples dialog from the film Se7en and finds inspiration from Andre 3000 for part of the hook ("What the fuck you doin'?/Man, I'm releasing anger!" is something he said on "Ain't No Thang"). The sound is definitely underground, yet Slim's diction is above the clouds: "I'll take it back before we knew each other's name/Run in the ultrasound and snatch you out your mother's frame/I'll take it further back than that back to Lover's Lane/To the night you was thought up and cock-block your father's game." This outstanding number is a peek at Eminem before the world was his.