Producer: Hit-Boy, Chase N. Chase
Album: Rebirth
Label: Young Money/Cash Money/Universal
The second this fantastic voyage blasts off you're thrust into another stratosphere, an out-of-this-world, molecular-changing soundscape that discovers Weezy and Em's milky ways of rhyme-slanging gettin' nastier than black holes, asteroids, and Uranus. (Em reminds you: "I took the time and I came up from behind and pretty much snuck up and butt-fucked this game up.") Lyrically, Wayne truly gets metaphysical on that ass, while Eminem lets everyone know where he's been ("It hurts but I never show/It's pain you'll never know/If only you could see just how lonely and how cold/And frostbit I've become...") and where he's at ("My head is swoll, my confidence is up/This stage is my pedestal, I'm unstoppable"). It's Wayne's album, but it's Eminem's rebirth. He was officially back, ready to live, plus he wanted to leave some important thoughts in your dome: "The game ain't gonna be the same on the day that I leave it/I swear one way or another I'ma make these fuckin' haters believe it." Mission accomplished.