Producer: Eminem, Jeff Bass
Album: The Eminem Show
Label: Shady/Aftermath/Interscope
"White America" was Eminem's most political record at the time. It was a major statement, because now that he had the power to be heard by millions, he was trying to go beyond pure shock value. Right away in verse one, you can see him taking the concept he had started with "The Real Slim Shady" and envisioning his followers "as a fuckin' army marchin' in back of me." He then mentions the "anger" that "sprays and sprays" from "radio airwaves," a possible reference to militant right-wing radio. He ends the stanza by revealing that Congress has told him he's "in trouble with the government." In the second verse, he touches on race, which he hadn't done much of in the past. He readily admits that had his eyes been brown (i.e., if he wasn't white), he "sits on the shelf," and "if I was black I would have sold half." He closes out the song going ballistic against government figures like Dick Cheney's wife and Tipper Gore—not exactly Christina and Britney. These were solid steps for future protest.