Producer: Dr. Dre
Album: N/A
Label: N/A
On one of the first tracks Dr. Dre produced for Eminem after he signed him to his Aftermath label, the young prospect loosens up on what sounds like a beat left over from The Chronic (track-wise, it has a "Puffin' On Blunts And Drankin' Tanqueray" kind of feel). They will soon make history together (Detroit and Compton together, now you know you in trouble), but for now it's a late-night weed-smoke-filled studio session with hard-hitting loops and Em vowing at the top of his lungs that he's gonna be a hip-hop fiend for life. He is definitely on-point on this musical shootaround, but it's just a dope warm-up, a precursor of the greatness to come.