Producer: Eminem
Album: The Eminem Show
Label: Shady/Aftermath/Interscope
This right here is a rah-rah moment for the diehard fans. Channeling his inner Tupac ("I'm like a thug with a lil' bit of Pac influence"), Eminem goes to war against critics, bouncers, and the other dumbasses who piss him off, all crumbling underneath the bone-crunching verbal onslaught. It's impossible to listen to the frenetic beat and amped-up flow and not feel a spike in adrenaline. Eminem keeps the jokes to a minimum ("I love pissing you off, it gets me off/Like my lawyers when the fucking judge lets me off"). Instead, he keeps the intensity levels high ("Willin' to stick out my neck for respect if it meant life or death/Never live to regret what I said"), the assault only briefly letting up during the chorus. With the fire that burns in the hearts of young men, the chest-pounding rapper declares, "Full of controversy until I retire my jersey/Till the fire inside dies and expires at 30." By the time the "go left, go left, go left, right, left" orders kick in, it's obvious that Eminem is inside his own personal Hurt Locker, and the battlefield is the place he most wants to be at.