Producer: Bass Brothers, Eminem
Album: The Slim Shady LP
Label: Aftermath/Interscope
Eminem's talent for storytelling and doing funny voices elevates this skit disguised as a song. Things begin with Em trying to get some ass at a house party, so he slides Susan some mushrooms, except she ends up eating the whole bag. What ensues plays out like the most radical Skinemax teen sex comedy about recreational drug users that you've never seen. Eminem's ability to bring out the personalities (and sometimes even background info) in all his characters pays off. In this case, Susan has "daddy issues," which the overdose has brought to the surface. We shouldn't laugh, but we do. The song fades to black with Em bawling his eyes out, fearing what might happen to the girl. What do you know, he has a "guilty conscience" after all.