Producer: Eminem
Album: The Eminem Show
Label: Shady/Aftermath/Interscope
After all the aches and pains he's rapped about, "Hailie's Song" was a refreshing chance to hear Marshall Mathers in a good mood. Leave it to his beloved daughter to turn his frown upside-down. Happy as heck to have custody of his baby girl, Em belts out a tune even though he acknowledges he can't hold a note. (Hey, it didn't stop Biz Markie from doing "Just a Friend.") He does rag on Kim a bit when he finally does rap, but the negativity is no match for the heartfelt inspiration. In a moment of candidness, he confesses, "I act like shit don't faze me/Inside it drives me crazy/My insecurities could eat me alive/But then I see my baby/Suddenly I'm not crazy/It all makes sense when I look into her eyes." Grown Man Talk like this resonates louder than any shit-talking he's ever done.