Producer: Eminem
Album: Devil's Night
Label: Shady/Interscope
The King of Diss Records (yeah, we said it) is all over the place on this fully erect Limp Bizkit bashing, but don't take that the wrong way. It's quite entertaining hearing Em flip out on dudes (we mean girls) who he thought had his back but didn't. It's just that the manner in which he goes about it comes off like different personalities speaking at once, as he flips back 'n' forth from schoolyard taunts (his mimickery of "Rollin'' is hilarious) to sensible mantras (it's simple: If you don't want to get involved in his beefs, all he asks is that you don't open your mouth with an opinion and he won't put you in them, capisce?). The concise synopsis of what went wrong between Fred Durst and Em because of the Whitey Ford fracas and the soothing delivery of the chorus—as if this were really a song dedicated to actual women—are impressive. Despite using insults like "sissies" and "pussies," the fed-up Eminem ends up sounding more like a disappointed parent ("Why do you act this way?" he wants to know) in one of his most memorable sonnings.