Producer: Dr. Dre, Mark Batson
Album: Encore
Label: Aftermath/Interscope
If "Encore" really were Eminem's swan song, it would have been a worthy ending. The curtain closer is a guaranteed arm-waver, custom made for sold-out crowds to follow along to, with yet another classic chorus to scream back at the stage. The animated routine between Em and Dre is fitting; after all, they really entertained in early efforts with their effortless back and forth. Add 50 and the rolling beat that commands you to jump and it all clicks, a finale tinged with excitement and a distant sadness. Of course, the end credits didn't roll on Em's career, but at the time "Encore" succeeded as a nice "farewell." Shooting the audience at the end was an appropriate conclusion considering the shock value his often controversial music has mustered and his borderline antagonistic feeling towards pushy fans.