Producer: Eminem
Album: N/A
Label: N/A
The Slim Shady vs. Whitey Ford match-up was intriguing because it pitted two white rappers with respect in the hip-hop community against each other. Erik Schrody was no Rob Van Winkle. This was gonna be a scrap for as long as it lasted.

The story supposedly begins backstage at some concert, or on Sway and Tech's The Wake Up Show—allegedly the two didn't acknowledge each other and some animosity built up. Everlast then appeared on Dilated Peoples' "Ear Drums Pop" remix in 2000 and shot off an obvious diss: "I buck a .380 on ones that act shady." Em heard it and responded with "I Remember" ("How could you diss me, bitch?/I liked you, thought you was alright for a white dude"). Next came "Whitey's Revenge," and Everlast unloaded with, "And you can't keep your woman from goin' astray/Better run and check your kid for your DNA." Eminem then went ballistic, unveiling a musical double-pump shotty. "Quitter" was just a warm-up ("So this is what we ask of our fans: If you ever see Everlast, whoop his ass!"). The remake of 2Pac's "Hit 'Em Up" was Armageddon. Just like he did with "Hail Mary," Em let off some of the most ferocious insults he has committed to tape. "White devil, washed-up honky, mixed-up cracker who crossed over to country" is just the tip of the iceberg. And true to the original, D12 joined in on the musical massacre, just like the Outlawz did for Pac.