Producer: Dr. Dre
Album: Encore
Label: Aftermath/Interscope
Just when it appeared that Eminem couldn't possibly keep addressing his various personal issues of the past (what more could he say? That he really really really hated his mom?), he opened his fifth studio album with "Evil Deeds." With an unholy cross between a midnight prayer and a twisted nursery rhyme that immediately starts boiling hot with speedy raps that taper off into an echo...echo...echo, Eminem breathed new life into reminiscing about his troubled yesteryear. Quite self-aware, he turned the scope on himself, seeing the continued exploration of his problems through the eyes of the public: "There goes poor Marshall again/Whining about his millions and his fortune and his sorrow he's always drowning in..." Most intriguing, however, is when he goes, "I never had any of this shit planned, Mom, please believe... Never got the chance to say I'm sorry, now look at all the pain I caused." The Mathers family matters continued to keep the public fascinated.