Producer: Part 1 produced by S1, M-Phazes/Part 2 produced by StreetRunner, Vinny Venditt
Album: The Marshall Mathers LP 2
Label: Aftermath, Shady, Interscope

“So one last time, I’m back,” says Eminem on “Bad Guy.” There’s good reason to, after he returned from hiatus in 2009 it felt like all of his music was this big “I’m back!” moment. Although he returned to the scene, it never felt like he returned as his old self, more like Eminem 2.0. But “Bad Guy” actually has the vigor and imagination of old Eminem. The minimal beat for the first part of the song sounds like sneakers squeaking in an empty Michigan mansion or the ropes at a theater squeaking as the curtains being pulled up. Em assumes the character of Matthew Mitchell, the brother of Stan, and plots his revenge on Em. But when that car hits the water, Em swims his way back to life with a great sense of triumph as if he’s finally able to leave the drugs, the accents, and all his baggage behind for the first time ever. Make way for the bad guy.