Producer: Da Beatminerz
Album: Rawkus Presents Soundbombing II
Label: Rawkus
When Stan wrote Eminem saying that he liked the shit he did with Rawkus, he was referring to shit like "Any Man." Slim recording for Rawkus made sense: The New York–based indie label was a champion of backpack rap, and he himself came up reppin' "real" hip-hop at places/events like the Hip-Hop Shop in Detroit and the Rap Olympics. In the late '90s, there still existed a "no sell-out" spirit, which is reflected in the opening lines: "Hi!/Original Bad Boy on the case, cover your face/Came in the place blowed and sprayed Puffy with Mase." Eminem is in complete control here as he glides along with the bouncy rhythm serving up punchlines ("Your style is like dying in my sleep, I don't feel it") and soon-to-be-familiar content about the main females in his life: his mom ("Somebody dropped me on my head and I was sure/That my mother did it, but the bitch won't admit it was her"), Kim ("I hope God forgives me for my sins/It probably all depends on if I keep on killin' my girlfriends"), and Hailie ("Somethin', somethin', somethin, somethin' I get weeded/My daughter scribbled over that rhyme, I couldn't read it").

P.S. We know Stan isn't real and didn't really write Eminem letters, m'kay?