Producer: DJ Spinna
Album: Heavy Beats Vol. 1
Label: Rawkus
As far away from mass appeal as possible, this slow-grinding, downright weirdo serving of pure '90s underground hip-hop is another example that Eminem paid dues in the independent circuit; he's no overnight MTV creation who made it big only because he's white, as some want to think. The unorthodox flow of Thirstin Howl, that tortured scream and the hook's husky commands of "watch this!" (sample courtesy of English ska band Madness) lead up to a young, hungry Eminem, who you can tell is already a battled-tested veteran, kicking a series of crisp lines aimed to get crowd reactions. As clever as the one-liners are, his completely random off-the-wall threats, like "Strip you naked twice/Pistol-whip you and force you to take advice," win too.