Producer: Eminem
Album: Devil's Night
Label: Shady/Interscope
The D in D12 doesn't stand for "drugs," but it might as well, especially if we're talkin' about "Purple Pills," which thrills and chills as it spills all kinds of ill talk about illegal party favors. Come to think of it, the way they rhyme on this song sounds as if they're actually on drugs. We said sounds like—pretty sure they're not. But, if they really were, that would be crazy. Hmmm...wonder what it would be like to finish this blurb on the same amount of pills they claim to take in this song? *BRB*

OK, back. Those horn-y beats.... or is that a freakin' kazoo....?
Annnyyywwwaaaays, thhhossseee Chipmuuuuuuuuuunks are—HOLY JESUS! M U S T
RUN NOW!!!!!!!! D12 are great, aren't they, Darth Vader?
"Purple Pills" Some-something, something, something
Something, something, something, something.