Producer: Dr. Dre
Album: Devil's Night
Label: Shady/Interscope
The average kid today is probably too busy doing his or her Tumblr or Twitter 24/7 to be bothered, but a decade ago D12 saw the need to create this rambunctious anthem "for any kid who gets picked on, a sick song to retaliate to." (Not a new idea, BTW: "I don't do black music, I don't do white music/I make fight music," Em said a year earlier on "Who Knew.")

Essentially Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It" in spirit (Google that), "Fight Music" is a call for youths to revolt...or, at the very least, thrash their bedrooms. Dr. Dre, out of his comfort zone, chopped up Led Zep (i.e., he actually put in work, as opposed to Puff just rhyming over the same "Kashmir" for his Godzilla remake, "Come With Me) to create a hard-rockin' march that dares young folks to wild out. The only thing harder than the beat is Bizarre's crazy talk. It must be difficult to be shocking when you are in a group with Slim Shady, but somehow dude manages just fine. Rock, rock on.