Album: N/A
Producer: The Fam, Boi-1da

Skating across a Lauryn Hill sample like he’s auditioning for tea at her home, Drake sounds cool and cocky on “Draft Day,” the most casually arrogant display of rapping ability he’s ever recorded. In the first few lines he alludes to conversations with god and in but one of many #peakDrake moments, dubs himself the heavenly father’s “darkest angel, probably.” (He’s not willing to commit to the part—there could be someone with a slightly colder heart.) From there, he’s blowing his horn in every direction: Johnny Manziel and Andrew Wiggins (oops), Jay Z, Kanye West—even Chance the Rapper, for no good reason, gets oh-so-rudely glanced at. He revisits and modifies the central boast of “Headlines,” the one about catching a body:

Know some Somalis that say we got it Wallahi
Get us donuts and coffee, we'll wait for him in the lobby
And I gotta tell him chill, Sprite got me on payroll
Let that man live, they say "Okay, if you say so"

What was once an earnestly offered threat is now a slick joke about endorsements, and anyway, bodies can be laid to rest in the booth and there’s so much more shellfish to try. —Ross Scarano