Album: Aaliyah (2001)

On July 25, 2001, exactly one month before her death, Aalliyah performed “More Than a Woman” on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. It would mark the last live performance before her untimely death. The single, off of her self-titled 2001 album, was officially released to the charts on November 2001. Written by Static Major and Timbaland, “More Than a Woman” is Aaliyah’s ode to wanting to be more than someone’s arm candy. The Timbaland-produced track gives Aaliyah a hypnotizing platform to use tight four, sometimes five syllable couplets to describe falling in love with lines like “Constant pleasure/No scale can measure/Secret treasures/Keeps on getting better.”

The video for “More Than a Woman” was filmed at the beginning of August 2001, the month Aaliyah passed away after filming “Rock the Boat,” but wasn’t premiered until January of the following year. With cameos from Mark Ronson and his then-girlfriend Rashida Jones, the visuals for “More Than a Woman” took place in what appeared to be a futuristic factory. While the video was set in an almost apocalyptic world, the song itself was a mix of pop, electro, and a mesmerizing mid tempo hip-hop feel, which allowed Aaliyah’s delicate vocals to take the spotlight. —Lauren Nostro