Director: G. Thomas Ferguson
Album: Blaque

First things first: This music video requires the massive suspension of disbelief that the dude in the video would cheat on Mya, rather than marry her and move to a desert island somewhere, which would be the natural inclination in the event that Mya agreed to date you. But once you've accepted that, it's tough not to be engaged by this video's modest charms.

Set in a high school, Mya-a cheerleader, natch-receives a note in class that her boyfriend Malik may not have been so honest with her. The song, of course, is about feeling conflicted about whether or not to stick with her man. Things get especially disturbing when she finds a pair of large underwear amongst his things: "Whose drawers are these? You know I wear a size four."

After she dances out her dilemma in a pair of Skechers sneaker wedges, Mya resolves to ditch her ballplayer boyfriend, even as he celebrates his basketball victory. Instead, she goes off with a guy who-well, we're not really sure what he does, but he's tall, has a red sports car and flashy clothes. Also, and just a side note: Silkk's guest verse is kinda nice here. -David Drake