Genre: Documentary
Director: Billy Corben
Starring: A bunch of 80s Miami coke smugglers.
Worth Watching, Because: You think you know gangsters, but you don't know gangsters. This film breaks down how Miami went from a sleepy town to the cocaine capital of America in the '70s and '80s, spelled out through interviews with law enforcement agents, the dealers, the enforcers, and the smugglers about how it all went down, via harrowing firsthand tales about reckless shootouts in malls, the ruthless murdering of dozens of people (including a heartbreaking story about a murdered baby), and just how cocaine was smuggled back in the those days. We'll never look at tow trucks the same again. 
Netflix Viewers Say: "born and raised just off bird road since 1942 this movie is right on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"