Year: 2009

This gift box takes a while to unwrap. Soulja Boy and Bow Wow were once friends, having recorded "Marco Polo" together in 2008. It was a single with a video premiered on MTV and everything. But in December of that year, Soulja Boy dropped an eight-minute long YouTube video in which he stated that Nas killed hip-hop. On New Year's Day of 2009, Bow Wow rapped over Jay-Z's "Friend or Foe," saying, "I'd never disrespect Nas, I'm not Soulja Boy."

Okay. Cut to February, when they released Internet videos going at each other-every day, for a week-over whose Lamborghini was better, even daring the other to race-which they eventually did, two years later. Soulja Boy mispronounced 'Gallardo'; Bow Wow corrected him.

Soulja Boy accused Bow of not owning his Lambo; Bow produced papers. Soulja Boy told DJ Skee he'd end Bow's career; Bow said he was responsible for Soulja Boy in the first place. Tragically "Marco Polo" never made Bow Wow's album, but the biggest tragedy of all is that I just watched all eighteen of these videos and my brain is now a puddle on the floor.