Produced By: RZA
Album: The W
Label: Loud

"Handle your bid and kill no kids," yells Raekwon the Chef on the somber chorus to "Let My Niggas Live." The Wu comeback after a three-year gap between group albums was, overall, a defiant statement that Wu-Tang didn't have to follow trends—they were the trendsetters. Moving with the knowledgeable finesse of seasoned veterans (the bottom-heavy bass on "Let" stubbornly rambles like a slow-paced shot-caller who walks with a limp), the Clan was a unit comfortable in their own skin, ready to do their own thing and say fuck what anybody else thinks.

Rae and Deck rep for the crew (when haven't they?), while sandwiched in the lineup is the other Escobar, who gives us a clear look at his, some would say, conflicting (though fascinating) persona in the booth, describing himself in polar opposites: "I'm God Son, son of man, son of Marcus Garvey/Rastafari irie, Haile Selassie," he says early on, and then describes himself at the end as "the animal that Hugh Hefner created/The only nigga Sade dated, the most-hated."