Produced By: RZA/Chris Winston
Album: Only Built 4 Cuban Linx.../N/A
Label: Loud/N/A

This right here, this was monumental. A deep meeting of the minds (the first time the Wu had invited someone outside the clique to enter da 36th Chamber) that seriously rocked like there was no tomorrow. Fluidly orchestrating scriptures atop a fractured, soulful Emotions sample, the trio wasted no time dropping more jewels than getaway thieves on the run from Jake. They astounded with massive quantities of syllables and insight. (Another Nas lesson: "From the womb to the tomb, presume the unpredictable.") Those expecting the witty, unpredictable talent, and natural game from a Nasir/Clan rally found it here in abundance. 

The vibrant "Deja Vu," written during the It Was Written sessions and produced by Chris Winston, contained the same "Through the lights, cameras and action, glamour, glitter, and gold" first verse spit on "Verbal Intercourse," but that's followed up with equally stunning gems of truth: "But miracles never leave the churches/Instead it hits the pockets of the preacher just to purchase/A house with a swimming pool."