Produced By: Ski
Album: For All Seasons
Label: Columbia
No need to split open a Dutch, the "animal rap" (Nature prefers the term "dumbin'") and that crazy flute goin' off in the background of "The Ultimate High" are set to take you to another level as Nate and Nas team up one mo' time to score another underground hit. Nature sets it off bragging, "When I walk into a room, niggas feel a slight breeze/Stay a little while 'til they feel they might freeze/Never understood why they never liked me/'Cause when I locked the door, they turned into Icees."

Puff, puff, and he's ready to pass it to the homie. Feeling philosophical? Well, Nas is: "What's me without the 'hood?/A tree without wood/A dutch with no bud/A cut with no blood/A fuck but don't nut, I be incomplete/If me and the street wasn't in between the sheets." The song is so good that it doesn't matter that it might be a little bit dated (Nature: "Playin' Sega Dreamcast till the plane lands").