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"You can take a dude out the 'hood, but you can't take the 'hood out a dude" is the lesson on an underground joint that brings together three QB (Queens' Best) kingpins. Take it from us: The odds are too tough to call on who to bet on in this trifecta of urban terrorists who come out at night. Packing serious lyrical heat, they touch on the us vs. them mentality, demonstrating how and why every day can be your last in the jungle:

Nature: "So I chose rap, we vamped to never go back/Until this life of animosity, the high velocity/Niggas be on the same team, planning to blow shots at me."
Nas: "Money's the root of evil, but it'll make you happy/Don't wanna shoot my people, but still they might clap me."

Nore: "If it was up to me, the whole world would be comfortably/But since its not, y'all niggas stay fucked up/I think about y'all too much and be bankrupt/So niggas get yours, I got mines, niggas, so what, what?!"

This record signifies the best of times for the trio. The worst of times were yet to come, as both Nature and Nore would eventually (and inevitably) have problems with Nasir (those differences would end up getting squashed, of course).