Produced By: Salaam Remi
Album: Stillmatic
Label: Ill Will/Columbia

Whew! Nas runs down a long list of society's ills—everything from drugs to schools, the medical industry, religion to STDs—and explains how it's all poison. Just as bad as the chemicals in our food and air, though, is mental poison: "Sisters up in my hood...up late night on they mother's cordless/Thinking a perm or bleaching cream will make them better when they gorgeous/White girls tanning, liposuction/Fake titties are implanted, fake lips, that's life destruction."

But Nas is aiming the scope at everything, so his colleagues are not spared: "Rappers only talk about ki's, it's all poison/How could you call yourself MCs? You ain't, poison/Think about the kids you mislead with the poison/And any thoughts of taking me down is all poison." The last verse, though, is the most memorable, with Nas telling the tale of Ike with the Iverson Jersey (also  referenced by Game on "Runnin'"), who gave girls herpes and got AIDS from one in return. Poison.