Produced By: Trackmasters
Album: I Am...
Label: Columbia
Using the letter-writing technique from "One Love," Nas pens two stirring correspondences to the Notorious B.I.G. and 2Pac, both of whom he had misunderstandings with while they were still alive. Using Kenny Loggins' popular record "This Is It," he takes extra care in weaving in the song titles to some of their works and wonders about what could have been: "You came to my 'hood, we was broke/I wonder if we stayed that way, would there have been gunsmoke?," he writes to Biggie, then offers an explanation for missing his funeral: "I missed your wake not 'cause I'm fake 'cause I hate to see somebody so great in that way."

As far as 2Pac, you can tell Nas is conflicted about unresolved issues he had with the slain rapper: "You asked if I could trade in your place, how would I hold up?/How long would I ride, before I fold up?/How did you know through your rhymes it was your time to go?/You predicted it in every line, all in your flow/There could 'Never Be Peace,' I have to quote/Can't believe I heard my name on the realest shit you ever wrote." That last line is an obvious reference to Pac blasting him on "Against All Odds."

(This record is also notable for an early Jay dis: "And these niggas is wrong using your name in vain/And they claim to be New York's king?")