Produced By: Buckwild
Album: Street's Disciple
Label: Ill Will/Columbia

Supposedly, this was gonna be called "Coon's Picnic." Well, the much nicer title, "These Are Our Heroes," (and the catchy beat) is the only nice thing about this unashamed call-out of "sell-outs." Sure, he might sound kinda friendly, but the sarcastic Nas holds nothing back with his opinions about black celebrities who are not true to the game. He calls out OJ and Cuba Gooding Jr. (kinda expected) and even Tiger Woods (before the scandal, obviously).

But saves most of the wrath for Kobe Bryant and the Colorado incident: "Uh, let's call him Tobe/First he played his life cool just like Michael/Now he rock ice, too, just like I do/Yo, you can't do better than that?/The hotel clerk who adjusts the bathroom mat?/Now you lose sponsorships that you thought had your back/Yeah, you beat the rap, jiggaboo/Fake nigga you/You turn around then you shit on Shaq/Who woulda knew, Mr. Goodie-Two-Shoes?/He love a little butt crack, got enough cash/Little kids with they bus pass who look up to you/To do something for the youth, stupid spoof/But you let them use you as an example." Nas straight ethers the Black Mamba.